15 Signs You’re Working With a Staffing Software Leader

Think about the very best staffing software you’ve ever used.

15 attributes of a staffing software leaderMaybe (hopefully) it’s what you’re using today. Maybe you’re a bit wistful about some software you used previously. (I’ll admit that I sometimes miss the simplicity and ease-of-use of MacDraw.) Or maybe you’re fantasizing about (or actively working toward) the NEXT staffing software you’ll buy.

Regardless of what that software was/is/will-be, the very best staffing and recruiting software vendor for your agency will probably have these 15 key attributes.

1. They Share Their Vision

The most important thing a software vendor can do is share with you their goal – vision – for what the software will do for your business now. And in the future. A great software vendor will advocate for something worthy that you, too, can enthusiastically embrace. They will ensure that they communicate that vision effectively and often.

2. They Develop – and Extend – Their Expertise

Nothing is more detrimental to the continuing success of your agency than being chained to a software vendor who doesn’t truly understand your changing agency needs. They have to demonstrate exceptional competency at all levels of staffing, recruiting, agency practices, and how all of that is impacted by technology if you expect them to provide leadership and vision.

3. They Respect Your Time

Great staffing software vendors understand that software exists to solve problems. And the single most important problem to be solved in any staffing and recruiting agency is time management. Every second counts. And how their software works should reflect that thinking.

4. They Set Priorities

When your staffing and recruiting software vendor tries to focus on everything, they’re probably not focusing on your business. Just as your own staffing agency can achieve higher profit margins with a focus on niche staffing, so too will you benefit from a staffing and recruiting software vendor who is focused completely on your industry.

5. They Share Information

With some staffing and recruiting software vendors, it seems that the only time you hear from them is when they bill you. Or when you call for support. It seems like they’re keeping you in the dark about their business and how it might impact yours. There are legitimate reasons to control the timing of information sharing, but overall the more transparent a staffing software vendor is, the better it is for the partnership and relationship.

6. They Make Decisions

Frequently, staffing and recruiting software vendors may explore new technologies that seem appropriate for your agency, yet be slow in the development of the new tech. Regardless of the reasons (and there are many that can impact development), a great staffing software vendor will recognize when it’s time to act and go all-in or fold ‘em on some new tech.

7. They Demonstrate Empathy

Great staffing and recruiting software vendors are able to see things through your eyes. They will seek to truly understand the things that keep you up at night. And will want to fix it. ASAP.

8. They Offer Thanks

Building a culture of gratitude starts at the top. If your staffing and recruiting software vendor doesn’t take time to offer thanks to you for your ongoing business, why should you continue to do business with them?

9. They Pull Everyone Together

A great staffing and recruiting software vendor recognizes the talents, skills, and expertise of customers like you, and strives to work with you in a way that maximizes your combined effectiveness and ultimate success.

10. They Ask Smart Questions

Staffing software vendors that double-check their assumptions sends the positive message that they know that they don’t know everything. They aren’t willing to accept that things should be done a certain way just because that’s how they’ve been done in the past.

11. They Sell Thoughtfully

Let’s face it; your agency may not be the best fit for a particular staffing and recruiting software. After all, most can trace their development roots to a staffing and recruiting agency with a particular focus or mind-set that just might not fit your agencies’ business model. The great staffing and recruiting software vendors will let you know that before you’ve wasted much time trying to convince yourself otherwise.

12. They Accept Blame

Principled staffing and recruiting software vendors accept blame for their failings. Maybe they don’t dwell on it, but they accept it. Great staffing and recruiting software vendors look to change their software and/or business processes to fix the problem(s) and move forward.

13. They Communicate Effectively

No mumbling, no backpedaling, no long awkward silences. Great staffing and recruiting software vendors find the words to explain what they mean — and they back up what they say.

14. They Model Ethical Behavior

Trust is the single most important currency between people – and businesses. Great staffing and recruiting software vendors demonstrate an iron-clad adherence to ethical and moral business practices and processes.

15. They Strive for Excellence

Because really, who wants their staffing and recruiting software to simply be adequate?


© Phil McCutchen, 2016 | Phil McCutchen is a B2B software marketing professional with 25-years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry.