If you have a thing to sell, don’t go whisper into a well;
If you want to make a dollar, better climb a tree and holler.”
— anon

Success in the marketplace is the result of more than a great idea. It takes more than a unique product or service. It takes more than a vision, exemplary service, the ideal location, or even finances.

In fact, none of these mean anything if no one hears about your business and what you have to offer.

That’s where marketing comes in.

Marketing Guru Ronald Chapman once defined marketing in just six words: “Marketing means solving customers’ problems profitably.”

Can you and your business do that?

With that as the goal, on these pages you’ll see and read about some of the marketing efforts I’ve been involved with, as well as those I believe are noteworthy of discussion.

Lots of good stuff here to talk about, because it defines the essence of success in the marketplace.

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