Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.”
— Pablo Picasso

In his book “The New Positioning“, ace marketing wizard Jack Trout pointed out that we’ve been quoting Confucious’ old saying wrong. It’s NOT “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  The chinese characters, when translated properly, say “A picture is worth a thousand pieces of gold.”

Pictures tell stories. Is this picture worth a thousand words.
Pictures tell stories. Is this picture worth a thousand words?

Jack’s point was that when it comes to driving marketing success, it’s the words that count, not the pictures.

Most advertising, design and illustration professionals would disagree, at least a little, or maybe a lot.

I’m in the former camp

There is no denying the power of words to impact buyers. But I believe that HOW they are presented (design) or illuminated (illustration, photography, etc.) can make or break an advertising or marketing campaign.

A great visual can pull you into an ad, or sum up the brand promise in a way that may take literally thousands of words to accomplish.

I believe that when you combine powerful visuals with equally strong words you’ll vastly improve the chances for your product’s success.

On these pages I’ll show some of my own work as a graphic designer of logos and collateral. You’ll also see some of my other commercial and personal illustration, photography, computer based art and other visual media works.

Along the way I hope to also share with you some of the works of others I admire, and discuss why.

I look forward to your comments!

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