Computer animation gives creative types a new medium to work with that was formerly reserved for professional studios with big bucks. Like kids in a candy shop we’ve used these tools to create works that animate everything from business concepts to comedy.

Here I’ve added a few animations that I’ve created using a low-end CGI creation, rendering and animation tool, Bryce. They look a little dated now, but give you some idea of what’s possible.

Trade Show Exhibit Booth Fly-Around

This animation was created to show staffing software developer VCG (now Bond) management and sales staff an overall look at a revised exhibit booth that I designed. The booth was 20×20 feet with a 16 foot fabric covered central tower with internal lighting and was used at the American Staffing Association Staffing World Conference in San Diego, California in 2008.


VCG vs. The Death Star

This was a fun little Bryce animation created in 2003 as an introduction to a presentation for staffing and recruiting agency prospects. It used the (really dated) VCG logo to show how VCG’s staffing software and recruiting software could help prospective staffing and recruiting agency customers beat their competition.

VCG Entry DeathStar

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