Yes, I was the kid who was always doodling in school. Often to the dismay of my teachers and the subsequent hit to my grades.

Over time my doodles went from two dimensional black and white on paper to just about any medium perceivable by the human eye. But in these pages I’ll really focus on creative visuals that (usually) do not incorporate photos taken in the real world. Many of the works here were created for commercial purposes, and I’ll add some explanation for those, but quite a few are personal works.

owl-drawing-200pxSwooping Owl

Pen and ink drawing on strathmore drawing paper, about 18×24, personal work.

I’ve always been fascinated by the raptors, especially owls. When I was a teen we once rescued a small barn owl that had evidently flown into a power line and hurt its wing. We kept it in a large cage (appropriated from our noisy Cockateils) in our family room while it healed, hand-feeding it raw hamburger. After a few weeks it was able to try its wings inside the room. Its first successful flight was a wonder in its power and utter silence. No wonder they are such good night predators.

vcglogowatch-200pxVCG Logo Watch

Bryce 3D, commercial work.

For the staffing and recruiting software company that I worked for I created an image based on the logo they used at the time (2001). The art was used in some advertising and marketing collateral. The concept was to focus on the importance of timely activity to build and maintain strong relationships with customers, candidates and employees.

josecruz-200pxJose Cruz Record Album Cover Art

Pen and Ink on stained pine board, about 12×12, commercial work.

In the early 1980’s I did a lot of freelance graphic design and marketing work for a wide variety of clients. One of those clients was Gilley’s Club, the famously popular country-western club and their recording studio. Gilley’s co-owner and founder Sherwood Cryer had a good ear for western music and was always working to promote new talent through his clubs and recording studio. I was contracted to design and produce a number of record album covers for these new singing talents.

storm-coming-200pxStorm Coming

Bryce 3D, commercial work.

In 1999 most of the information technology world was caught up in the problems that might be caused by the “Y2K bug“. A lot of programming effort went into fixing the problems. This particular artwork was created to illustrate an article on the subject and how the staffing and recruiting software from Caldwell-Spartin (VCG) had been updated to eliminate any potential problem.

rattlesnake-200pxTexas Diamondback Rattlesnake

Color pencil on black Strathmore board, about 12×14, commercial work.

This was a fun piece of art to to create. It was commissioned to illustrate a magazine’s fictional story about the experiences of a Texas Ranger and his hunt through the dry southwest Texas scrublands for a particularly viscious Mexican “coyote.” The rattlesnake played a critical role in the story.

the-price-200pxThe Price

Bryce 3D and Adobe Photoshop software, about 18×24, exhibition/personal work.

One of a series of works that I created for gallery exhibition. The works were designed to illustrate a particular Christian theme or verse.

In this illustration, the bottom of the bloodstained cross of Christ and blood splattered ground is seen. For maximum impact, only the red blood is shown in color.

The verse so illustrated is from Revelations 5:9 — “…You were slain and purchased for God with Your blood men of every tribe and tongue and people and nation.”

18″x24″ Giclee prints mounted on canvas for framing of the above work are available for $500 plus shipping and handling. Contact me for details or to place an order at pm(*)

3darts-200pxOn Target Staffing Software

Bryce 3D and Adobe Photoshop, commercial work.

For several years I used darts as the dynamic element of one of the more successful marketing campaigns for Caldwell-Spartin’s staffing software. Darts were used in our advertising, brochures, collateral, newsletters, direct mailings, tradeshows and everywhere else we could think of. The tie in was that the products, services and prices were always “on target.”

maryscottgrog-200pxMary and Scott and Grog the Dragon

Acrylic paint on sheetrock wall, about 96×96, personal work.

About a year after my son Scott’s birth, and my daughter Mary was about 2-1/2, I decided they needed a more colorful playroom. Over the course of several days I roughed out what I wanted to do, researched source material for “Grog” the dragon, and painted one side of the wall. They were happy. Unfortunately, I painted the wall, and not panels that I could remove and rehang. Live and learn…

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