Good copy can’t be written with tongue in cheek, written just for a living. You’ve got to believe in the product.”
— David Ogilvy

I began my career thinking I would parlay a talent for art into becoming a commercial artist. For a period of time, that’s exactly what I did. I worked my way quickly up to art director, then creative director. But one thing that struck me was that much of the copy I was given to work with for an ad, campaign, or some marketing collateral was, to be blunt, dreck.

Oh, not all of it, of course. There was some that shined. That invited you in. That told you a story. That made you want to know more. That gave you new information or insight and called you to action. That sold you.

But a lot of it didn’t.

I would often sit down with the copywriters of both the good stuff and the bad and ask, “Why did you write it this way? What are you trying to say?”

I’d review all the information I could get on the product or service. Find out about the target audience and more. Out of that analysis I’d then point out ways that I thought might make the copy work better at its job.

Suggestions don’t always work with creative types. I should know. “Give a shot at writing it yourself,” I was told. So I did.

I wrote lots of dreck. At first.

But over the years I’ve honed my ability to hone in on content that works. I’ve had the opportunity to write copy for ads, brochures, press releases, Web sites (SEO and SEM), and much more. I continue to learn.

The beauty of writing, like working in visual mediums, is the power you wield with a few words. The great idea, distilled to a few words, can drive people to tears or laughter. More importantly for businesses, they can drive someone to reach for their wallet.

On these and related pages I’ll showcase some of my own work, as well as that of others whose talents I respect.

Examples of My Copywriting:

Since 1991 I’ve done most of the marketing copywriting for staffing software developers Caldwell-Spartin (developer of TempWare-V), VCG (developer of StaffSuite), and Bond International Software (developer of Adapt and AdaptSuite) My writing work has included advertising copy, collateral copy, Web content, blog articles, whitepapers, press releases and case studies.

My SOE/SEM enhanced copywriting content helped the company I worked for stay near the top of the Google organic keyword search rankings for their specific staffing and recruiting software products for more than ten straight years.

More at https://www.linkedin.com/in/philmccutchen


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