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After 25 years of work with a staffing software and recruiting software developer, I’ve learned a little bit about the staffing and recruiting industry.

Following 15 years of honing my marketing and related skills, I started with Caldwell-Spartin (developers of TempWare-V and StaffSuite) in 1991. Caldwell-Spartin, one of the true pioneers in the development of staffing and recruiting software, had first brought technology to the staffing industry in 1976.

During my time with Caldwell-Spartin, I developed all of their marketing, including branding, strategy, collateral, and more. It was an interesting time, as the staffing and recruiting industry was — for the most part — well behind the technology curve of most businesses. In fact, for quite some time I was the only person in the firm with a PC (a Mac no less). It was here, in 1996, that I developed and deployed what was probably the first web-site for any staffing software vendor. At the time I proposed that Caldwell-Spartin re-deploy its class-leading TempWare-V software to the web. Hindsight being 20-20, I can only imagine how that might have impacted the company’s future, as it was more than five years before another vendor did just that. They are now one of the top software vendors in the space.

In 2000 Caldwell-Spartin was acquired by VCG, Inc., developer of another recruiting software (or applicant tracking software), WebPAS. Through the tumult of changes in management and management style and vision and direction, I stayed for the ride. VCG continued the development of StaffSuite, then began the development and introduction of a new staffing and recruiting software, Pointwing (boy, that’s a story!). Through it all I continued to manage and create VCG’s marketing strategy, branding, public relations, positioning, website SEO and SEM, and much more. Always learning, I implemented email marketing campaigns, lead tracking, and site analytics to better understand how content drove site traffic and lead conversions.

In 2010 VCG, Inc. was acquired by Bond International Software (based in the UK). This made for a challenging change, as Bond had already acquired eEmpACT, another staffing software developer. That meant that Bond International Software, Inc., the new operating company for Bond’s U.S. division, had to integrate three different business units. VCG’s management team kept management control over the operation, and I was tasked with developing and implementing a coordinated marketing strategy and all marketing-related communications for the organization.

I love new challenges. So, for the new Bond International Software, Inc. I began creating a new and consistent branding and messaging for the organization and its staffing and recruiting software — including the newly introduced AdaptSuite staffing software. As the internet became the primary focus for marketing, I played a key role in developing the websites and content (blog articles and whitepapers) to drive website traffic and branding. For sales and marketing, I selected and implemented a new marketing Customer Relationship Management system based on Microsoft CRM. This was so successful that it was eventually deployed throughout Bond’s entire international organization. Further, I selected and implemented an integrated marketing automation system with MS CRM, ClickDimensions, to further manage and help to achieve Bond’s marketing goals.

In 2016, prior to Bond’s acquisition by Symphony Technology Group (STG), I was laid off along with about 16 percent of the U.S. staff in a major reorganization. In 2017 Bond was merged with eRecruit under STG’s majority control — continuing the consolidation of software vendors to the staffing industry.

Along the way, I’ve been privileged to meet and work with some outstanding people in the staffing and recruiting industry. I’ve had lots of conversations with staffing and recruiting agency owners, C-level management, managers, and front-line staff. I’ve learned about their challenges — the things that keep them up at night — and what get’s them excited about their jobs. I’ve also learned a lot from the analysts that cover the contingent workforce industry.

It’s my intention to share what I’ve learned. The opinions expressed are my own. I hope you’ll find it interesting and informative.

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